MRI blues & Karaoke tunes (video)

Recorded 2/2018

Three weeks before my son was born I learned that the tumor lodged in my brain was growing. Here’s a little vignette of how that went and what I did to cheer myself up.

It’s natural to feel disempowered when bad news comes our way. While enmeshed in hardship we cannot see that we have the power to change the story of what happens every single day of our lives.

In my depression, a wise friend counseled me: “don’t lose the plot,” meaning don’t lose focus on the overall plot of my Life Story. Staying focused on the plot of my Life Story now offers relief when I find myself overwhelmed by the unexpected and scarier events that can take place in its chapters.

Because there is no way my story was meant to be a tragedy. Mine is most certainly a heroine’s journey.

Photo Credit: Esther Schwartz

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