Moments of Joy & Choosing not Fear (video)

Recorded 11/15/2017

In this video, I talk about some of the coping strategies I used to get through each day after learning the cancer had returned. Most of these are strategies I’ve gained from years of therapy to manage depression and anxiety.

I was 24-years old when I first sought out counseling. My therapist shared the same name as my best friend from college and I took that as a sign we were meant work together. Yes, sometimes that’s what my decision-making looks like!

Therapy is awesome. Please don’t ever judge yourself or others for seeking treatment. It takes incredible energy and courage to take the first step: recognizing you need help. If you’re feeling anxious and depressed, or have negative thoughts that get in the way of your daily activities please reach out to somebody. If therapy seems like too big of a step, start by sharing your burden with someone you feel close you in your community. You never know, that person may have gone through a similar experience and want to help.

Everybody’s got something and there’s no shame in not feeling OK all of the time. You are loved. Remember that always!

Photo Credit: Renee Kahn Bresler

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